Acne Reduction

Acne Reduction

Getting Rid of Stubborn Acne 

No one wants to suffer from acne. Yet it's something that plagues teenagers and even adults. Especially in the case of older adults, acne is stubborn and never seems to leave. Perhaps you suffer from acne and have tried every form of cream out there that is supposed to get rid of it. Instead of going too far and undergoing surgery to treat your stubborn acne, you might want to consider acne treatment in Montclair instead. Not only is the treatment a lot more affordable, but it's also just as effective. 

What Intense Pulsed Light Offers

The Venus Concept is a powerful device that uses intense pulsed light to treat acne. While it may seem ludicrous that light can treat acne, many people have actually had their acne reduced and removed with the treatment. This is because light energy from the Venus Versa device can penetrate the pore. This where many creams and other topical procedures to treat acne fail. They can only ever deal with just the surface. Intense pulsed light utilizes light energy to damage the skin and bacteria. With the bacteria removed, your body is able to create new skin that cleans out and fixes the pore. As a result, you're left with smooth and vibrant skin and no longer suffering from acne.

This treatment does typically need to be performed a few times, but it is incredibly easy. Unlike surgery, it's a quick procedure that lasts only around a half hour. It also doesn't come with any recovery or downtime, so you're free to go back to your day right after.

With an acne reduction procedure in Montclair, you will no longer have to suffer from embarrassing acne. Try our acne treatment in Montclair to stop suffering now.

Embarrassed About Acne Scars? Get Them Reduced at Montclair! Those Acne Scars Don't Go Away

Acne is a plague for many individuals. Once it finally goes away, you can often be left with the scars they leave behind. While these scars are often considered to be unsightly themselves, they tend to get even worse as you age. As the skin becomes older, those scars can deepen and become even more noticeable. For men and women who want smooth skin, you should consider acne scar reduction in Montclair.

The Difference

Acne scar reduction in Montclair utilizes radiofrequency to bring thermal energy to damaged skin. This further damages certain structures beneath the skin and prompts the body to start repairing itself. When it does repair itself, it creates brand new collagen that stretches over and fills the scar. This leaves you with new and vibrant skin that reduces and often even removes the scar entirely. Perhaps one of the most beneficial advantages of this procedure is that it's noninvasive. Unlike surgery, you can have this treatment done relatively quickly and be back to normal life in no time.

With surgery, the procedure is usually so intense that you have to remain there for a few hours or even a full day or two before you can be cleared to leave. This can be quite inconvenient for those who have busy lives. The treatment offered at our clinic requires no downtime. You can have the procedure performed and then be back outside and onto the rest of your life in minutes.

For women who want to get rid of those unpleasant acne scars without paying the high cost of surgery, you should consider treatment with radiofrequency at our clinic. Call us today to get started. Together, we'll help you reclaim a smooth and vibrant appearance.

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